Switch on Playfulness.

a vivid confluence

Flirt is not just another electrical element that sticks on to the wall. It is designed to adorn the wall with style and playfulness. With perfectly crafted edges and corners, flirt is a child-safe switch that is finished with élan. Built with advanced polymers from Germany and US, Flirt is a world-class product tailor made for the ever-evolving Indian populace. It’s colourful, diverse and yet very strong and spirited.

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Splash your colours. Be wonderstruck.

Since ages, India has vociferously expressed its love towards colours and every hue like every home has its very own identity. Flirt offers the freedom to choose the colour of the switch that prettily sits on your wall. With a palette of 16 million colours to choose from, it will leave you wonderstruck with an all new wonder plate that maximizes the possibilities of this product.

Life is not just black and white.

It’s quite simple to order your customised Flirt switch. Just choose the colour that suits your wall the best, pick the best texture that speaks about your identity and select a colour from our exhaustive pallette to rejuvenate your senses.


Bootstrap your switches

Wonderplate allows you to choose from various combinations of switches and sockets. Wonder series smartly adapts to your space and helps you bootstrap all your electrical connections with ease. An efficient wonder series installation can save upto 12% of your wall space which means there’s space for one more memorable portrait on your wall.

a switch that lives on forever

a promise for life and beyond.

First springless switch in the world

see-saw oscillation mechanism

Not only does flirt have a lifetime warranty that makes the switch live on but it has a technology to survive for over 200,000 operations. With path breaking See saw oscillation mechanism backed by copper and silver cadmium oxide, the switch saves upto 12% of electricity.

Keeps your appliances safe

Flirt is made of high quality polymers which not only beef up the lifetime of the switch but also secures the appliances and external circuitry from fire, we take pride in being the first in the industry to use fire retardant engineered plastics which ensures that flames do not spread and are extinguished in case of fire.